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    The differences between the eight biomes of the world, their flora, fauna and how these biomes affect the way people have developed over time, are studied. Biomes of the various continents are compared and contrasted, and field trips and research enhance your child’s understanding of how these ecosystems are sustained and how.

    Bahasa Indonesia

    Although our main teaching medium is English, all children learn Bahasa Indonesia. In Pre-school, this is taught in an informal way, however in Primary, structured lessons conform withthe national Indonesian curriculum. In Upper Primary, your child will have additional lessons in the Indonesian language in preparation for the National exams which are optional in their […]

    English Language

    During Pre-school, your child will have learned necessary basic reading and writing skills. Now in Primary these develop into research and composition skills. Our primary children are introduced to cursive writing from the beginning. Your child will write everyday, learning to organise ever increasingly complex ideas and informatio into well written stories, poems, reports, plays […]


    Science is an integral element of our Montessori curriculum. It represents a way of life: a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem solving. Our curriculum provides a sound basis in the basic sciences. We cultivate your child’s curiosity and determination to discover the truth for themselves. They will learn how to observe patiently, […]


    Your child will use hands-on learning materials to make abstract concepts clear and concrete. “They can literally see and explore what is going on”, developing a solid foundation in geometry, algebra,logic and statistics along with the principles of arithmetic. Their study weaves together the basic skills of the study of area, volume, squares and square […]

    21 Century Skills

    The 21st Century classroom is student centered, self directed and focused on creating life-long learners. The 21st century learner is an innovator, a collaborator, a critical thinker, a problem solver, a global and ethical citizen, a communicator. The 21st century learner is multi-media literate, a digital native.   A 21st century Student is a Problem Solver […]


    Discovering the wonders of Sea Life is one of the topics that the Preschoolers study in depth this academic year. They were introduced the history of the ocean and creatures that existed during the Palaeozoic era, discussing which ones evolved and became common sea animals we see today. Focusing on saltwater fish, they began to […]

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