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  • Parent Testimonials

    Mrs. Chika Soufyan, Parent of Kirana(Year 9) & Kaysan(Year 5)

    Having our children at JMS has absolutely made them independent, responsible, respectful and compassionate. Compared to many children at their age.  The Montessori way of teaching and a mixed group class, has a very good effect on them, especially in a way of teaching: the older kids learning and helping to take care of the little ones, as well as for the little ones learning and looking up to the big ones.

    Children are encouraged to explore and show their capability both in academic and non academic areas. It is indeed a continuous learning and reviewing process. Fear of failure and making mistakes in learning, is not something you will find in Montessori.

    Mrs & Mr.Okochi , Parents of Ichiro(Year 3) & Kafu

    JMS style of education is very different from that of Japan. In Japan mostly students rely on memorization – basis, however at JMS, kids are taught to be more creative from experience – basis. Our kids love JMS so much that even on holidays, they tells us they want to go to school!

    Mrs. Danti Setiawan – Mother of Fatima

    Metodologi Montessori sangat membantu anak saya untuk belajar membawa dirinya dengan baik dalam kehidupan nyata.

    Fatima sangat suka pergi sekolah karena dia menikmati setiap aktivitas eksplorasi, pengalaman, dan penalaran berpikir dalam mempelajari bidang2 ilmu pengetahuan. Secara bertahap anak saya menunjukkan peningkatan dalam hal kompetensi, kreatifitas, dan percaya diri.
    Fatima juga sangat menunjukkan perhatiannya terhadap isu-isu lingkungan hidup dan sosial. Dia penuh rasa hormat, memiliki sensitivitas, dan tanggung-jawab.

    Mr. & Mrs. Suhadi, Parents of Mason

    Our son is a student at The Jakarta Montessori School. His experience in a Montessori environment began when he was 18 months and he is now a 5 year old. He is an independent thinker and has imbibed good values. We love the Montessori methodology because they move from concrete to abstract. Mason is able to interact with concepts and ideas rather than simply memorize facts. Montessori facilitates a natural love of learning. The Montessori material teaches children to discover and explore and doesn’t curtail the spirit of independent learning. And Montessori also focuses on the individual child and their potential. 
    My husband and I believe fully in the Montessori method of teaching, especially the idea of meeting the child where he is at, in his learning and development and not trying to shoe horn him into a prescribed mould. Our experience for these past few years convinces us that this is the best choice we could have made for our son.

    Mrs. Mutiara Ichsan, Mother of Emir- Preschool

    I am grateful that my kids could be part of JMS family. Montessori has taught my kids to be independent, self-motivated and confident, just to name a few. I am also impressed on how well-mannered they are, which I believe was taught through ‘Grace and Courtesy’ lessons in the class. As a parent, I strongly believe that I must teach my kids compassion and good manners, and it’s in line with what they get at school. From the academic side, my kids learn based on their individual abilities. So I am just grateful and satisfied to see that my four-year-old can read independently, work up to 4-digit numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication) and he even can even retell about cultures around the world that I might not even know.

    Mrs. Petra Corcoran, Mother of Sean

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    As a JMS Parent, I want what’s best for my child. My son Sean, is a student who can’t take too much academic pressure. He is a fast learner and learns at his own pace and style and that is why Jakarta Montessori school is the right school for him. I am very pleased to see how well he has progressed in a year. During the Parent visitation week, I saw how he enjoys being at school as JMS follows the Montessori methodology and I can see how fun learning can be. It’s so nice to see other students helping each other and how they get along so well. The school environment itself is very calm, relaxing and safe. The school security system is also very good. Last but not least, the school feels like home, they treat the students like their own and we do feel like being a part of a family.

    Mrs. Mita Hussein, Mother of Kenzie and Kareizo- Lower Primary

    Jakarta Montessori School (JMS) is like a second home to me and my children. The place always brings so much happiness and joy. This year will be the 6th year of my children being school in JMS and I also took my Montessori Diploma in JMS back then in 2012. It has been such an amazing experience to work with all teachers and children in JMS. My children learn a lot about how real life goes. They love their teachers and friends. They grow with lots of excitement and curiosity in their head. JMS makes them independent, confident, know exactly what they want and love to learn. We are very grateful to be part of JMS family all these years. Hope JMS will be greater and more successful in the future. We love JMS…

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