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  • Creativity


    Children begin to learn how to use computers in our Pre-school. In Primary, they learn how to use word processing and various other software, and how to access the Internet. These tools are used to aid your child’s further research and project reports, combining information technology with a range of cultural, linguistic and mathematical studies.


    From the basic techniques of mime and voice projection, to the thrill of performing in a full scale stage production, children gain confidence in their abilities and develop a strong sense of self. For children who may be shy by nature, drama provides the ideal opportunity to develop unexplored sides of their nature.


    Children work with a wide variety of mediums, learning about patterns, textures, lines and tones, shapes, forms and space. They then use all these skills to design and make images and artefacts from natural and man-made materials to enhance their project work in the classrooms. Your child also explore techniques used by various artists, craftsmen […]


    Within our music curriculum, your child will learn to appreciate the wide variety of different forms of music from classical to modern “hip-hop”. They learn how to compose their own songs using the Montessori Bells and Tone bars to transpose many songs into different keys. They will also learn to sing in harmonies, various traditional […]

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