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  • Mrs. Mutiara Ichsan, Mother of Emir- Preschool

    Mrs. Mutiara Ichsan, Mother of Emir- Preschool

    I am grateful that my kids could be part of JMS family. Montessori has taught my kids to be independent, self-motivated and confident, just to name a few. I am also impressed on how well-mannered they are, which I believe was taught through ‘Grace and Courtesy’ lessons in the class. As a parent, I strongly believe that I must teach my kids compassion and good manners, and it’s in line with what they get at school. From the academic side, my kids learn based on their individual abilities. So I am just grateful and satisfied to see that my four-year-old can read independently, work up to 4-digit numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication) and he even can even retell about cultures around the world that I might not evenknow.

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