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    Discovering the wonders of Sea Life is one of the topics that the Preschoolers study in depth this academic year. They were introduced the history of the ocean and creatures that existed during the Palaeozoic era, discussing which ones evolved and became common sea animals we see today.

    Focusing on saltwater fish, they began to learn names of common aquarium fishes like clown fish, blue tang fish, seahorse, and the more exciting fish like shark, eels, and rays. Using the world map together with some pictures, the children were introduced to the name of the five oceans of the world. They happily sang the “Five Oceans” song while pointing to their locations on the map. The children were immersed in their intensive study on fish. They showed enthusiasm as they learned about different kinds of fish – such as clownfish, sharks, rays, eels and seahorse – each with their unique characteristics.

    On our field trip to SeaWorld Indonesia, the children had the opportunity to see these marvellous sea creatures and touched some sharks, starfish and sea turtle in the touch pool. The children were also invited to explore the deepest part of the ocean – abyss and trenches and they seemed fascinated to know more about the strange looking deep-sea creatures like brittle star, gulper eel, blob fish and everybody’s favourite: anglerfish.

    During the Feeding Show, they were astonished to see how the stingray and tawny nurse shark ate fishes fed by the divers. They had the opportunity to stroke a baby shark, turtle, and starfish at the Touch Pool.

    We looked deeper to the five oceans of the world and its depth as the children learned about habitat of the sea creatures. They were very surprised to know that common sea creatures they know actually lived on the surface of the ocean, and the creatures of the underwater world are quite unique. Together we discussed some equipment needed to survive by animals that live at the darkest part of the ocean. The children said they needed light, warm scales, wide eyes, and sharp teeth, and then looked at a video of different sea creatures of the underwater world and were amazed by its shapes.

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