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  • Early Childhood

    The Early Childhood classroom is made up of children from mixed ages ranging from 3 to 6 years old. This mixed age grouping gives an excellent opportunity for your child to interact with other children in a variety of ways.

    Older children act as role models for the younger ones, resulting in an increased confidence and knowledge and giving the older child a sense of responsibility through being leaders in the class. This further enhances your child’s self esteem.

    Our Early Childhood classroom allows your child to move, touch, manipulate and explore. It gives them the freedom to choose their own work without unnecessary interference from our teachers.
    In this environment your child will learn independently based on their own initiative, which in turn builds their concentration and self discipline.

    Younger children, on the other hand, are exposed to more advanced work through observing the older ones. This method ensures that your child can work at their own pace.

    Therefore, each child’s needs at different developmental stages are catered for at a time when they are sensitive to those particular areas. In classrooms, our teachers are constantly on the move, overseeing and supervising. Teachers may give lessons to a small group of children or to an individual child, but always they are mindful of the specific needs of your child.


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