21 Century Skills


The 21st Century classroom is student centered, self directed and focused on creating life-long learners.
The 21st century learner is an innovator, a collaborator, a critical thinker, a problem solver, a global and ethical citizen, a communicator.
The 21st century learner is multi-media literate, a digital native. 


A 21st century Student is a Problem Solver and Critical Thinker:

  •      uses multiple resources to plan, solves complex problems in real time.
  •      uses technology to develop and demonstrate essential skills.
  •      uses high order thinking skills to answer open-ended questions.
  •      thinks analytically.

A 21st century Student is fluent in Multi-media, Research & Information technology:

  •     uses appropriate tools to assemble, evaluate and utilize information.
  •     is a digital native and uses basic, scientific,  visual and technological literacies.
  •     uses resources to accomplish real-world tasks.
  •     has multicultural literacy and global awareness.
  •     applies varied research skills to find and evaluate resources.

A 21st century Student is a Collaborator and Communicator:

  •     communicates and collaborates with learners of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  •     collaborates teams to solve real world problems.
  •     creates original work.
  •     initiates communication in real and non real time.

A 21st century Student is Creative and an Innovator:

  •     curious, creative and a risk-taker.
  •     applies critical thinking skills, research methods and communication tools to create original work.
  •     higher order thinker and has sound reasoning skills.
  •     collaborates effectively to produce relevant and high quality work.
  •     adapts, manages complexities and self-directs.

Meera Joseph