Parent Testimonials


“JMS style of education is very different from that of Japan. In Japan mostly students rely on memorization - basis, however at JMS, kids are taught to be more creative from experience - basis. Our kids love JMS so much that even on holidays, they tells us they want to go to school!”

Mrs & Mr.Okochi , Parents of Ichiro(Year 3) & Kafu




“Having our children at JMS has absolutely made them independent, responsible, respectful and compassionate. Compared to many children at their age.  The Montessori way of teaching and a mixed group class, has a very good effect on them, especially in a way of teaching: the older kids learning and helping to take care of the little ones, as well as for the little ones learning and looking up to the big ones.

Children are encouraged to explore and show their capability both in academic and non academic areas. It is indeed a continuous learning and reviewing process. Fear of failure and making mistakes in learning, is not something you will find in Montessori.

Mrs. Chika Soufyan, Parent of Kirana(Year 2) & Kaysan(Preschool)